5 Quick and Easy Steps to Making Delicious and Healthy Salads

A variety of healthy salads with interesting textures and delicious flavors can be made by varying these 5 basic components of salad making.

Cheesy or fried toppings and calorie-laden dressings can turn any healthy salad into a delicious, but unhealthy and fattening one.

To make your own low-calorie, yet delicious salads:

1. Choose any base in the given list like spinach or lettuce.

2. Add some vegetables and/or fruits of your choice.

3. To make it a filling meal, you need to add some protein such as shredded chicken or chopped boiled eggs.

4. Add interesting flavors and textures using taste boosters like herbs and tortilla chips or crispy croutons. Crunchy seeds and nuts are great taste boosters to add to any salad.

5. Now for the final dressing, just add a couple of spoons of any low-calorie dressing.

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