9 Simple and Natural Ways to Strengthen your Immune System

You are aware that your immune system is what protects your body from diseases by fighting off disease-causing microorganisms. Our poor lifestyle choices often leave our immune system in weakened states allowing the germs to overcome our body’s defense mechanisms.

There are several things you can do to strengthen your immune system. The following 9 healthy living strategies are simple to incorporate into your daily lives and they give a tremendous boost to your immune system.

  1. Exercise, especially outdoors: Strengthens immune system, improves blood circulation, enhances heart and lung health, and is great for mind-body balance and mental health.
  2. Get Sunlight: Enjoy dalight as much as possible. Sunlight boosts the immune system, releases endorphins, makes you feel lighter and brighter. Avoid extreme heat and peak suntime, instead enjoy the early morning sunrays, late afternoons and evenings before sunset.
  3. Drink Fluids: Staying hydrated is vital for the immune system. Plain water is best. Have herbal teas, warm water with lemon and sugar-free electrolyte drinks.
  4. Immune Boosting Foods: Citrus fruits, berries, water melon, ginger, garlic, mushrooms, sweet potatoes, broccoli, spinach, nuts and seeds such as sunflower seeds and flax seeds.
  5. Shower: Switch between warm and cold showers to stimulate immune sytem.
  6. Sauna: Using a sauna is also a way to warm up and then switch to cold temperatures.
  7. Aromatic oils: Take warm baths with aromatic oils, such as thyme, added to bath water.
  8. Reduce Stress/Relax: Stress damages the immune system. Extremely stressful or traumatic events can trigger autoimmune disorders.
  9. Sleep: Deep sleep is regenerative and strengthens the immune sytem. So don’t skimp on thise Zzz’s.

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